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PostSubject: ...VIP GUESTS...   Sat Oct 18, 2008 7:44 pm

Ohayo (Hey) members of the Yoshi Land Forum! Hope you guys are rocking ... Hell Ya!

This is your
Busy body Admin NRK dropping by here to notify about our new dimensional approach within the forum for our dear members which no other forum risked or spend enough time to dedicate.

Behold our ........................ VIP GUEST SECTION!!!

This is a special place where hi-fi, royal, elderly, Admins and members will get together for a cyber chill out. We
admins will bring in undergraduates, post graduates, other foreigners, important delegates and experts from around the world. This section will particularly comprise of people outside the forum even though members will have a role here. Mostly importantly the outsiders will be here to have a stay on our forum and we will be supported by them through our days to come

Not all members are entitled to this section. To become eligible for becoming a VIP GUEST; then the member should be having:::

1. No warnings or penalty records

2. No reports of misconduct from other members

3. A Quite active state within the forum

4. Good critic

5. Optimism

6. Reliability

7. Trust Worthiness

8. An Innovative Mind

The worst case scenario for a member within the VIP LOUNGE would be ... a demotion from the VIP CLUB. Nothing more. Though I know I sound scary ... lol

We admins will present such honorable gifts to the members at our highest level of appreciation. So it ain't easy, but it ain't that hard as well. The members who have become a VIP GUEST will swiftly and automatically receive a pm (private message) and a special VIP logo as well as the access to our secret ******

Its about time to become a
real representative ... so think about it ppl

Take care

Admin NRK -

Edited by Admin - Yoshi

Desire and Despair are deeply connected to me...so deep that no one can bring me out of it...but why shall they...as I enjoy and dance on my own pits of death...

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PostSubject: Re: ...VIP GUESTS...   Sat Oct 18, 2008 8:28 pm

Swift and smooth as always...


Well, this topic shall be locked

Any questions, please visit - Questions and Support here

-Admin Yoshi
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