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PostSubject: ...SYSTEM TUTORIAL...   Sat Oct 18, 2008 4:47 pm

Hey ppl!

This is your Admin NRK at your service. Here I will define and explain how our system functions. As I cautioned you members before about the forum, the system itself is simply sophisticated. Simple in a sense that it is easy to understand how members will work and progress their way to the max level. But its sophisticated when undergoing the tasks and reaching specific post targets (attaining points).

Now I will brief you about our forum's system. There are two systems online in our forum. They are the N system and the B system. N system represents the Naruto type rankings whereas the B system represents the Bleach type rankings. We preferred such anime based ranks because we Admins are a hardcore fan of these two amazing series!

The N system ranking will be activated as soon as the first target posting goal is reached by a newbie member while notifying the person with a pm (private message) swiftly and automatically. Every newbie has to pass through and complete system level N to proceed with the next level called B system.

Once in B system, the members will be sent a pm (private message) immediately and automatically congratulating them for being able to earn their points for coming to this level, provided access to a variety of fun and entertainment sections and an option to choose which one of the two clubs the member may wish to join. Remember, once you join a club, you can't regret it and there is no turning back. The member has too choose either the Soul Society Club or the Heuco Mondo Club. From there on, once the member selects his/her fave club, the member will automatically be entitled to a new rank based on the club. Thus the members can keep working up-to another whole new level.

That was all about the systems of Yoshi Land Forum. Thanks in advance for the patience to go through all the troublesome text ... but I bet they were worth reading.

- Admin NRK -

Desire and Despair are deeply connected to me...so deep that no one can bring me out of it...but why shall they...as I enjoy and dance on my own pits of death...
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PostSubject: Re: ...SYSTEM TUTORIAL...   Sat Oct 18, 2008 5:08 pm

You make me so proud NRK
Very well said and written

I have locked the topic for now

- Admin Yoshi

P.S. Users, you may ask any questions in the Questions and Support Section
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