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PostSubject: ...MEMBER RANKINGS...   Sat Oct 18, 2008 12:27 am

Here we administrators decided to inform you members of our ranking system so that the info will make you all aware of your status as you members eagerly progress by posting, sharing your ideas and letting your kool be known to everyone in Yoshi Land Forum.

Posting is similar to earning points. Thereby, the more you post, the more the number of points you earn. As soon as you reach a target number of posts (points), you will be notified with a private pm (private message) immediately and automatically as well as gain a particular status, access to many entertainment, access to many activities and etc.

This is how we will mark our members in the Forum:

Logo motion System N:::



* ------------------------------------Genin---------------------------------10-24

** ----------------------------------Chunin---------------------------------25-49

*** ----------------------------------Junin----------------------------------50-99

**** --------------------------------Senin--------------------------------100-199

***** -----------------------------Kaze-dono-----------------------------200-249

Logo motion System B:::


* ----------------------------------Shinz/Holo-----------------------------250-499

** --------------------------Lieutenant/Menos Grande---------------------500-749

*** --------------------------Vice Captain/Adjuchas-----------------------750-999

**** ------------------------Captain/Privaron Espada--------------------1000-1999

***** -------------------------Vizard/Vasto Lorde--------------------------2000+

- The Admins -

Desire and Despair are deeply connected to me...so deep that no one can bring me out of it...but why shall they...as I enjoy and dance on my own pits of death...
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PostSubject: Re: ...MEMBER RANKINGS...   Sat Oct 18, 2008 5:15 pm

Locked topic

- Admin Yoshi

P.S. Visit Questions and support for your needs
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