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PostSubject: ...MEMBER PENALTIES...   Sat Oct 18, 2008 1:47 am

Oho....welcome once again my dear and deedious members of this community!

We administrators thought that it would be better and wise for our members to know the consequences of misconduct within the forum aka PENALTIES!!!

For some, the sanctions will be as a warning, for some the punishment will be as a lesson to learn and for some people, it will be like as if they are in a virtual Guantanamo Bay!

Here we go:::

1. Penalty - Warning by pm and email through N system and to Nubis

2. Penalty - N system - 10 points (posts) knocked out

3. Penalty - N system - 25 points knocked out

1. Penalty - Warning by pm and email through B system only

2. Penalty - B system - 50 points (posts) knocked out

3. Penalty - B system - 100 points knocked out

4. Penalty - by Both systems - Member Ban

5. Penalty - Same member who joined, got banned, re entered and screwed up - IP Address Ban

- The Admins -

Desire and Despair are deeply connected to me...so deep that no one can bring me out of it...but why shall they...as I enjoy and dance on my own pits of death...
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PostSubject: Re: ...MEMBER PENALTIES...   Sat Oct 18, 2008 5:13 pm

Topic Locked

-Admin Yoshi

P.s. Visit Questions and support to help you with your needs
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